The Bastion City Wanderers

Nanaimo, BC, Volkssport Walking Club



The Bastion City Wanderers from Nanaimo, BC, are part of the Canadian Volkssport Federation which are non-profit walking clubs, with activities in all provinces and territories across Canada.

Most of our activities are centered around organizing and conducting safe walks and are intended for people of all ages.  Some clubs are also involved in cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, as well as in-line and ice skating.

Volkssport is international in scope. Four European countries formed the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV) in 1968."Volkssport" means "people's sports". There are over 40 member countries, including Canada.  Our goal is to promote public health through enjoyable, non-competitive, outdoor sporting events.

Our walks are:

· Organized community walks for people of all ages

· Held in all weather

· Follow planned trails which are safe, scenic and usually circular

· Usually 10 km (5 km is often available)



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